Bathtub (43.3%)      

Bold flavoured gin, distilled with botanicals including orange peel, coriander and cardamom.

Masons Yorkshire Dry (42%)

Yorkshire-distilled gin, with a secret blend of botanicals, which includes fennel and juniper.

Sheffield (42%)

Made in Sheffield, using botanicals including bilberries, Sheffield Honey and Henderson's Relish.

Bloom (40%)   

A modern light gin, whose botanicals including honeysuckle and chamomile.

Monkey 47 (47%)

Distilled in the Black Forest, using 47 botanicals, including lingonberries and cranberries.

Sipsmith Sloe (29%)

A traditional sloe gin, distilled in London by a classic distillery.

Botanist Islay Dry (46%)

Distilled in Scotland, using local botanicals as well as classics like coriander and cassia bark.

Gin Mare (43%)

A Mediterranean-style gin, with botanicals including rosemary, thyme and basil.

Hendricks (41.4%) 

A Scottish gin, using rose petals and cucumber amongst its botanicals.

Masons Lavender (42%) 

Distilled in Yorkshire, using lavender for a sweet flavour.

Opihr (40%) 

An Oriental spiced gin, featuring botanicals like black pepper, ginger and cardamom.

Puerto de Indias (37.5%)

Pink gin infused with strawberries, with citrus and strawberry aromas.

Rhubarb Warner Edwards (40%)

A pink gin distilled in Northamptonshire, using sweet and tangy rhubarb.

Rock Rose (41.5%)

Distilled in Scotland, with botanicals including sea buckthorn and rowan berries.

Sir Robin of Locksley (40%)

Sheffield-based gin, using botanicals including elderflower.

Tiger Gin (40%)

Sweet and smooth Shropshire gin, infused with classic botanicals - plus 2 additional secret botanicals.

Whitley Neill Blood Orange(42%)

Whitley Neill’s traditional dry gin, infused with the sweet, citrus flavour of blood oranges.

Masons Tea (42%)                             

Distilled in Yorkshire, infused with tea. Has citrus, aniseed and cardamom notes.

Boe Violet (41.5%)                             

Beautiful purple gin, infused with violets for a sweet, light taste and aroma.

Pud Gins (30%)

Gin liqueurs made in Sheffield - Lemon Drizzle, Tiramisu and Chocolate Orange Fudgy flavours. Try with a mixer or with Prosecco!



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